Ages: 10 to 18 Girls, 10 to 14 Boys
Entry Deadline: August 1, 2018 with rolling acceptance.
The event is Unrestricted and open to all Federation Teams.
Fees: $425 (10), $525 (11/12), $625 (13-19)


The Twin City Classic will follow the NCYSA directive for heading:
NO HEADING is allowed in any small sided match (12U and younger). In matches for 13U and older, the roster/team could include 12U and younger players. A 12U player on the 13U roster/team, may head the ball. For the player 11U or younger playing on a 13U team or older, if heading occurs by a player 11U and younger, the referee will not stop play and issue an indirect free kick. It would be very difficult for a referee to be able during the run of play to determine if a player that heads the ball is 11U or younger or 12U and older. As stated by the Federation, it will be the coach and parent’s responsibility to “police” a child 11U and younger on heading in a 13U and older match.


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