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Players are grouped together with the purpose of creating competitive teams. This allows players to be placed based on current ability level. There will typically be between 1-3 teams in each age group depending on the number of players, with the Gold team being the 1st team and the Silver and Bronze teams being the 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Players that are not selected for a classic team will be offered the opportunity to be considered for a select team.

The number of teams formed in the Select Division is based on the quality and number of players available. If there are enough suitable players to create two or more teams then every effort is made to create parity between them.

Select & Classic Format Maximum Number of Players on a Roster
11U-12U 9v9 14
13U-15U 11v11 18
16U-19U 11v11 22*

*Only 18 players can be dressed for each game

* Please note the Directors of Coaching are not required to select the maximum number of players for each team


Acceptance by a player and his/her family is considered binding, and each player/family is expected to make a commitment to their respective program for its duration (season/year).

This commitment includes, but is not limited to:

• Filling a roster spot on a team for the entire year
• Fulfilling all training, game, and financial commitments

Shortly after the completion of an age group’s tryouts, selected players will be invited to join a team. Players are expected to make a decision whether to join a team within 24 hours, and acceptance must be completed online. Part of the acceptance is payment of the acceptance fee. This payment is not an extra fee, but rather the first installment of the player’s total NC Fusion Twin City fees. Once this acceptance is made, the player and his or her family are committed to the team and the Club for the entire playing year and are expected to fulfill all training, game, and financial commitments.

Players selected for a team will be notified by e-mail. And it is very important that the parents read the information carefully.

Players and their families will be required to attend a Meet the Team event, Twins Night.  This important event allows teams to organize and convey essential information to families before summer vacations start.

Non-Acceptances: If a player chooses not to accept his/her spot on a team, written notification must be given to NC Fusion Twin City. E-mails can be sent to with “non-acceptance” in the subject line.



Vacancies: Players are expected to make a one-year commitment to their respective teams and to the organization. In instances in which a team loses a player, through either injury or family relocation, coaches may add players. Vacancies may be filled and transfers may occur at the discretion of the NC Fusion Twin City Directors of Coaching.

New Players: Any new player wishing to join NC Fusion Twin City after the Player Placement period ends or during the regular season must contact the appropriate Director of Coaching to discuss eligibility and to arrange a supplemental Player Placement. All required registration materials must be completed and fees paid prior to a player’s placement session. The Directors of Coaching will make all decisions regarding new players and player placement.

Transfers: The Directors of Coaching staff may transfer a player between teams during the seasonal year.

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